Galaxy U-10 Boys Tournament Champions in Sarnia

Updated Monday July 30, 2012 by Brantford Galaxy Youth Soccer Club.

The Brantford Galaxy 2002 boys came together as individuals and together through hard work, endless practice time, dedication to the team, the sport and each other ... they are now tournament Champions.

The Galaxy began the weekend in Sarnia with a close match and a 3-2 win over hosts Sarnia FC Chelsea. That set the tone for the rest of group play as they poured in a total of 16 goals in four matches going unbeaten throughout. In the semi-final they were up against a very tough London NorWest and managed a 5-1 win in what was a closely contested match.

After playing 5 matches in 2 days only one team would be able to dig deep and outplay the other, only one could walk away champions. Both the London German Canadians and the Brantford Galaxy were unbeaten until this point.

The Galaxy opened the scoring in the first with the German Canadian’s firing back before the half. The galaxy began to dominate play and pressed for the next 20 minutes but it wasn’t until the spectacular run by Sam Smeretzky to keep the ball in play and swing it in to the team’s top scorer Zak Wiggans who was able to redirect the ball into the back of the German’s goal. Only one team can walk away Champions and this year it is the Brantford Galaxy 2002 Boys !!!