New 2016 Board Elected

Galaxy Youth Soccer Club members elects new board at AGM, Wednesday Nov 12th, 2014

Updated Saturday November 14, 2015 by Brantford Galaxy Youth Soccer Club.

The Brantford Galaxy Youth Soccer Club held it's AGM on Wednesday Nov. 11th, 2015.  The attendance of club members elected its 2016 Board of Directors.

From left to right: Leo Raposo (Club Head Coach),  Opal McAuley (Equipment Manger), Rachel Geddes (Scheduler), Mark Moravek (Indoor), Cathy Sims (Tournament Coordinator), Erica Helms (Publicity),  Frank Vieira (Chairman), Sarah Vieira (Secretary), Chris Kartick (Vice-Chair), Rob Burnside (Registrar), Steve Portelli (Director) 

Missing from photo:  Kim Mellisen (Sponsorship), Dwight Garlow (Director)